Chapter 30: Oh Shit. Ok.

May 7, 2020

The saying “life comes at you fast” is probably a saying anyone approaching 30, is 30, or slightly over 30 feels deep down in the depth of their souls. The feeling that the delusional life you mapped out in your twinkling 20s isn’t gonna happen and the finish line is not really close typically leaves most people with anxiety and if theyre lucky a good Valium prescription. Add social network life fishing and that feeling immediately intensifies. Now you feel like you’re racing against the clock to mirror the people you follow who are only giving you the privilege of their highlight reel.

Lets just be honest if you knew what happened behind the scenes of many of these facades you’d realize the truth is far more interesting. Everyone is wearing a mask because everyone is afraid to live their ugliest moments infront of a hyper critical audience. Which is understandable because everyone is judge and jury when their flaws aren’t on trial. Everyone can be perfect when no one can prove youre flawed. Youd think this would make people empathetic but nope it makes them harsher. Crazy right?! Dont be humbled by exposure its an ugly thing…

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