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May 13, 2020

Okay so juicing is super popular now because everyone is apparently on a health kick and considering the state of the world not a bad idea. So I typically stay away from juice unless it one of those vitamin packed juice shots that taste like hell. I don’t drink a ton of juice because although it natural and fruit is healthy its also packed with an overabundance of sugar. Sugar is evil. We consume way too much. Sugar intake is something most people don’t pay attention to and its literally killing us. Okay moving on!

So when I decided I wanted to make my own juice shots instead of dropping $2-$4 on them daily which adds up I began my research. Im the research queen….I like making purchases based on information and not emotional. I knew that the overly cheap juicers weren’t necessarily made well and I wasn’t prepared to drop $400 and the top of the line juicers. What i learned was that there are a two different types and to maximize the nutrient extraction you need to choose the right one. The two types are centrifugal and cold press. Centrifugal juicers have fast moving blades that press fruits and veggies against a strain. Cold press has slower moving blades that crush and press fruits and veggies.

So for me personally it was no brainer to choose the masticating aka cold press juicer. The pros far out weighed the cons. The mastication juicer is more expensive and moves slower buuuuuut the slower moving blades are a plus. Because the blade move slower they dont heat up. When juicer blades heat up its destroys the nutrient and enzymes in the juice. This also speeds up oxidation and reduces the shelf life of the juice. The masticating juicer also extracts more juice and the juice doesnt seperate as fast. So considering the purpose of juicing is to drink more nutrients buying a juicer that doesnt ensure the maximum nutrient intake would simply be a waste. The only real pros for the centrifugal juicer is its price and speed…..but that speed is really a con cause it does more harm than anything.

Now when buying a juicer you want to also consider construction quality, cleaning ease, and ability to replace parts without having to purchase a new juicer. You don’t want a juicer thats a bitch to clean you’ll never use it and you don’t want a shitty juicer that will break after a few uses. Read those reviews and canvas a few buyers guides. I post some links below.

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