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The Juice-A-Thon Continues

June 11, 2020

Okay so still on my juicing journey here is an update on my experience and some recipes.

Now although I love my juicer I will say I have to manual clean this machine 2-3 times during one batch of juicing depending on the density of the pulp. Mushy fruits like banana and mangos or berries do not eject easily but the more fibrous the faster the pulp ejects into the discard bin. The assembling and cleaning process is super simple takes 2 minutes tops so this is a huge plus for me.

My favorite juices to make are my green juice and my watermelon cucumber punch. Below are the ingredients and amounts used!

Green Juice ingredients.. spinach not shown
Watermelon Cucumber Punch

I also added pure celery juice to drink in the mornings. I had a few extra pieces so I figure what the hell. The benefits of a few ounces of celery juice are : helps digestion, curbs cravings, increased mental clarity, energy, and helps weight loss! How could I pass it up.

Oh and incase you were gonna ask….you can toss the pulp and discard in a compost bin!

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