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The Mirroring of Masculinity

November 22, 2020

Why is it that women today lack the natural ability to be feminine? Simple answer you were taught to be men. Everything beneficial to women was given negative connotations because duh why would a patriarchy want to benefit anyone but men?  Hypergamy was labeled gold digging. Being kept was labeled lazy. Working became something to brag about and to make matters worse women started competing with men. Men! You don’t even do this in the fucking Olympics.

The things feminine energy contributed to in general life was reduced to servitude and whoredom. Basically quite literally a fucking maid. Fucking in the absolute sexual sense. When feminine emotion and natural ability to be empathetic and nurturing was labeled weak and preyed upon women tucked it away. Understand this sadly was a protective measure gone awry. You didn’t know how to use it properly without being taken advantage of. Now culturally black women have been more masculine since bondage. Our appeal in society was reduce to sex and servitude more than our nonblack peers and this is something that has never went away. So for black women we have to work harder to be feminine. Doesn’t mean we have to hide our sexuality we just need to harness it. Refine it. Implement it properly.

Foolishly you were raised to believe that you had to mirror men to have some sense of worth. However still in the present you did not come to the realization that in order to mirror a man….masculine energy… you had to be masculine.

It’s has always been interesting to see women be expected to be feminine while simultaneously expected to mirror our male counterparts in relationships. How do you remain feminine while mirroring masculine energy? You don’t. It’s impossible. Every time you think you have to match your masculine spouse in a relationship you are being masculine. You don’t even realize it. Men never mirror us in relationships. They don’t desire to because they understand that to do so would make them feminine because we are feminine energy. Wake up you mannish bitches! It’s all a scam to make you lighten their load.

You really think bringing the same things to the table as a man benefits you. How? Honey a benefit is receiving something you don’t encompass. Why match him? You should be looking for him to supplement what you don’t have. And “have” isn’t necessarily monetary although in my opinion it should always be included. This could be intelligence on certain topics and even connections to certain social circles. If he has what you have  its no benefit it’s just not a burden. 

Women foolishly try to appeal to men who aren’t even their romantic targets and this is undoubtably your downfall. When you are specific in you desires you tend to be shamed into settling. Who does settling benefit? Not you silly if it did it wouldn’t be settling. So fucking stop doing it! It’s counterproductive to your happiness and success.

This new thing where women are encourage to be aggressive romantically is the perfect example. Your aggressiveness removes the man duty to be the pursuant. It plays to the beta in him. He wants you to do this so he doesn’t have to be faced with possible rejection. It’s his fear encouraging this. And fear is weakness. So he’s weak. You’re fearless for doing this but its also cringeworthy and masculine and only attractive to a beta men. In the wild his lineage would die cause he wouldn’t mate. He’d spectate and sulk. You being the aggressor also means another thing…..he doesn’t really desire you. If he did he’d make the necessary steps to show this. He’s basically settling. Which is insulting for a women to be a man’s idea of settling. Why the fuck would you volunteer for that. In no other arena is this commendable. He wouldn’t do this at a job. If he did he’d never move up the ladder because its not an escalator it doesn’t move for you.

I say all this to say in order to get back to your natural femininity you have to realize the things that are feminine aren’t negative. Reprogram yourself. Remember that when asked what do you bring to the table you aren’t a a fucking waiter. Understand that the feminine things you naturally have within are attributes and treat them as such. 

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