The Feminine Look

November 23, 2020

Many women are under the inaccurate perception that you have to wear makeup and heels to look feminine. Not true. Looking feminine is very simple. Physical self-care is the key to looking more feminine. Feminine appeal isn’t restricted to one type of style. You don’t have to walk around like a Stepford wife or IG model. You just need to know how to refine whatever style you like. You can prefer classic style, boho, eclectic, whimsy or even grunge when done right. The key to looking more feminine is how you put yourself together. How you take care of yourself. These key areas are the most important:




Hands & Feet

Body Type



Clear moisturized skin. Making sure skin is soft and supple. Making sure knees and elbows are relatively even toned. Looking youthful (not necessarily young) and vibrant always make women look more feminine. Now realistically everyone isn’t gonna have perfectly clear skin and thats normal. If you do great! But if you don’t putting in effort to building a good skincare regimen is key. An esthetician and dermatologist go a long way. Also if you suffer from blemishes consider light easy to apply makeup to even your complexion out if you aren’t a big makeup wearer. You don’t have to beat your face but consider a tinted moisturizer/ bb or cc cream. If you have dark circles or are missing proper sleep a good eye mask and eye cream with a tiny bit of concealer can be game changers. If you’re super low maintenance look into mineral powders. They are natural and very light and you can be a complete novice cause application is foolproof. And the beauty of modern time is Youtube has millions of tutorials on pretty much everything.

Hair grooming. 

You don’t have to be hairless like a Sphinx but basic hair removal should be consider. Removing hair from the upper lip, underarms, and maybe at the very least the lower legs if exposed. Also nicely groomed brows. No you don’t have to wax a dramatic arch or do the popular IG filled in brows. Disconnect your unibrow and adding smidge of brow gel will definitely transform your face. I prefer a natural arch that fits your face and a tinted brow gel. I also like to tint my brows every 2-4 weeks so i don’t have to fill them daily. If your brows are super unruly look into brow lamination. 

Now your crown. Just make sure your hair is clean moisturized and looks well cared for. If you wanna soften your look consider try changing your hair color to something slightly lighter than your natural color. The most important thing is looking like you take care of your hair. Style is the least important thing here. It doesn’t matter if you wear wigs, weaves, natural curls, locs, or a low cut just make sure your hair is groomed.


Make sure they are white. They can be gapped or crooked but when they are nice and white it instantly brightens a smile. Groupon has tons of Zoom whitening deal and Walmart carries an array of at home whiteners. Hell even Dollar Tree carries a cheap whitener.

Hand and Feet

Good old fashion mani and pedi go a long way. No need to get tips unless you want. A homemade sugar and coconut oil scrub with remove dry dead skin. Super emollient creams to soften and moisturize need to be applied every morning and every night. Make it a habit to massage some cuticle oil into you nails daily. And the beauty of a mani and pedi you can do this yourself at home. Self care doesn’t have to be expensive.

Body type

Size and shape are not important. Just make sure when you pick an ensemble you consider your body type. Knowing what looks best on your build will also result in you looking more put together. Tailoring clothes to fit is very underrated. Love your body and drape it properly. That doesn’t mean if you’re larger shy away from showing skin and wear baggy clothes to hide. Don’t ever hide. Also make sure you’re picking outfits you are comfortable wearing because wearing something that you don’t enjoy rocking will affect your vibe and confidence. Resulting in you not make the best impression.

RIP Pops


Smell good. No matter if you enjoy green, floral, spicy, or masculine scents just make sure you layer for the best scent payoff. However don’t bathe in it. Leaving people with a migraine because if your perfume is overwhelming its gonna be unpleasant for everyone you encounter. I always like to pick a fragrance that isn’t popular because cent is directly connected to memory and nothing leaves a lasting impression like a scent that is unique.

These are a few areas that you should be attentive to but your style options are limitless.

The most feminine thing a woman can do is take care of herself. When people see how you care for yourself they understand you have a standard. If you don’t care how you look it communicates lack of self love and in many cases you appear to be unhappy and unrefined these things are unattractive to most people not just potential romantic interest, but potential friends and business associates. Put more effort into you and watch how people start gravitating to you and also note how they approach you. People form an opinion of you at first glance and as shallow as it can be its just natural.

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