Glytone Review

November 24, 2020

Soooooo a few weeks ago I purchased these two babies. Ive already noticed my blemishes starting to lighten. I added a cream with hydroquoine to help the process as well. Great for chicken skin aka Keratosis Pilaris. Price is $33 for the body wash and $54 for the lotion. Both products have Glycolic acid, the body loation has SPF so your skin is protected from sun exposure because that can lead to more hyperpigmentation. Both items are unsecented. I use the body wash every other day with a scrubby towel and the lotion daily. I have already noticed my bikini line, knees, and elbow looking lighter. Also the body wash bottle design is brillant because it keeps you from over using product. A few pumps goes a long way. I also didnt have an issue with it irritating my lady bits. No i didnt use itside my labia lips, but while rinsing it did come into contact with my inner lips.

Repurchase? YES

Recommend? Yes.

Worth the money? Yes

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  • Reply Jc Jc November 24, 2020 at 1:19 pm

    I appreciate the anticipation of people asking can it be used internally 😂

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