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My Cup Runneth Ova….

May 12, 2020

Okay so every month during my cycle I always get the urge to lament about the wonders of mentrual cups. Now before you all act grossed out by something you’ve been experiencing since fucking puberty lets approach this like adults.

I made the switch to mentrual cups almost 3 years ago randomly while shopping in one of my favorite store…Mertz Apothecary! So I had been researching them for quite sometime and I was completely over tampons and diapers….I’m sorry pads. I wanted something that didnt involve me shoving bleached cotton, cardboard, and paper products up my hoo haa every month and I absolutely hated sitting on pads cause that just cant be sanitary and it def not comfortable. So i come across the very popular Diva Cup and its like $40 (eck) but I wouldn’t need to replace it for a year so Im like not bad im actually saving money in the long run.


Now the learning curve and honest truth. Insertion takes a few tries to learn what method works for you and what method has the lowest probability of failure. My first try I can say i did have about 3 accidents where the cup didnt expand and create a suction barrier properly. Once i was able to get it up far enough for it to be comfortable and get that very necessary suction pop I haven’t had an issue since. Pop is an exaggeration its not painful of that extreme you feel a slight suction when it expands and it will properly just make you say “Oh!” followed by a shocked giggle. My insertion method is simple I squat and fold the cup in half and push up. Its soft silicone so its not uncomfortable.

What I love about this baby is its medical grade silicone, reusable, easily sanitized (I use hibiclens its a soap you use on your body prior to surgery), and allows me the comfort to forgo hideous period underwear and still sleep au naturale. Now i first purchased the Diva Cup and after year i upgraded to the Dot cause it was all black and cute and i like cute shit. You can find tons of options and designs online. Prices vary as well. Some brands include carrying pouches and their own cleansers. Any antibaterial soap works tbh. I am against boiling them cause i think it increases to possibility of creating tiny cracks in the silicone and bacteria can hide there and cause issues for your lady parts. Follow the care instruction included is your best bet. Ill leave some links below of ones Ihear good things about!

Body Coitus Skin

So Ya Wanna Pink Stink?

May 7, 2020

Okay so whenever I utter the words “anal bleaching” people automatically tense up and get weirdly uncomfortable but even then I can telling their gears are spinning and the idea isn’t as crazy as they let on. None of us can really see what our sphincter looks like without a mirror and some contorting so most of us dont really care if it discolored. However there is that really random not so small group of ladies and fellas that dare to glare at out buttholes and to our surprised saw it to be slightly darker than the surrounding skin. Typically this is something that isn’t even a thing unless youre in the adult entertainment industry but those beauty standards are spilling over into the lives of regular women. Is it beautiful when the color is uniform? Yep! Is it completely normal for it to be slight darker? Yep. Is it harmful to lighten your bunghole? Nope. Doctors say its unnecessary but doable. How? Stay with me here.

So the process to lift the darkness for your exit strategy is simple and you have a few options….there is laser, chemical peel, or just a cream or gel topical you apply 1-2 times a day. The most effective would be the options that involve a professional but the cream work as well just not as evasive and slowly. The key to this is not over exfoliating and being mindful no not aggressively wipe which can cause minor abrasions. You want to cleanse the area really well too (duh?). With the cream you see results as fast as 2 weeks but full results in 6-8 weeks of dilligent use. You can gently exfoliate but honestly if not careful you run the risk off making you winker raw and bleaching compromised skin is an absolute no no.

I included a few links below of some options that i read about that work pretty well. Let me know it you try anything!

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