Glytone Review

November 24, 2020

Soooooo a few weeks ago I purchased these two babies. Ive already noticed my blemishes starting to lighten. I added a cream with hydroquoine to help the process as well. Great for chicken skin aka Keratosis Pilaris. Price is $33 for the body wash and $54 for the lotion. Both products have Glycolic acid, the body loation has SPF so your skin is protected from sun exposure because that can lead to more hyperpigmentation. Both items are unsecented. I use the body wash every other day with a scrubby towel and the lotion daily. I have already noticed my bikini line, knees, and elbow looking lighter. Also the body wash bottle design is brillant because it keeps you from over using product. A few pumps goes a long way. I also didnt have an issue with it irritating my lady bits. No i didnt use itside my labia lips, but while rinsing it did come into contact with my inner lips.

Repurchase? YES

Recommend? Yes.

Worth the money? Yes


The Feminine Look

November 23, 2020

Many women are under the inaccurate perception that you have to wear makeup and heels to look feminine. Not true. Looking feminine is very simple. Physical self-care is the key to looking more feminine. Feminine appeal isn’t restricted to one type of style. You don’t have to walk around like a Stepford wife or IG model. You just need to know how to refine whatever style you like. You can prefer classic style, boho, eclectic, whimsy or even grunge when done right. The key to looking more feminine is how you put yourself together. How you take care of yourself. These key areas are the most important:




Hands & Feet

Body Type



Clear moisturized skin. Making sure skin is soft and supple. Making sure knees and elbows are relatively even toned. Looking youthful (not necessarily young) and vibrant always make women look more feminine. Now realistically everyone isn’t gonna have perfectly clear skin and thats normal. If you do great! But if you don’t putting in effort to building a good skincare regimen is key. An esthetician and dermatologist go a long way. Also if you suffer from blemishes consider light easy to apply makeup to even your complexion out if you aren’t a big makeup wearer. You don’t have to beat your face but consider a tinted moisturizer/ bb or cc cream. If you have dark circles or are missing proper sleep a good eye mask and eye cream with a tiny bit of concealer can be game changers. If you’re super low maintenance look into mineral powders. They are natural and very light and you can be a complete novice cause application is foolproof. And the beauty of modern time is Youtube has millions of tutorials on pretty much everything.

Hair grooming. 

You don’t have to be hairless like a Sphinx but basic hair removal should be consider. Removing hair from the upper lip, underarms, and maybe at the very least the lower legs if exposed. Also nicely groomed brows. No you don’t have to wax a dramatic arch or do the popular IG filled in brows. Disconnect your unibrow and adding smidge of brow gel will definitely transform your face. I prefer a natural arch that fits your face and a tinted brow gel. I also like to tint my brows every 2-4 weeks so i don’t have to fill them daily. If your brows are super unruly look into brow lamination. 

Now your crown. Just make sure your hair is clean moisturized and looks well cared for. If you wanna soften your look consider try changing your hair color to something slightly lighter than your natural color. The most important thing is looking like you take care of your hair. Style is the least important thing here. It doesn’t matter if you wear wigs, weaves, natural curls, locs, or a low cut just make sure your hair is groomed.


Make sure they are white. They can be gapped or crooked but when they are nice and white it instantly brightens a smile. Groupon has tons of Zoom whitening deal and Walmart carries an array of at home whiteners. Hell even Dollar Tree carries a cheap whitener.

Hand and Feet

Good old fashion mani and pedi go a long way. No need to get tips unless you want. A homemade sugar and coconut oil scrub with remove dry dead skin. Super emollient creams to soften and moisturize need to be applied every morning and every night. Make it a habit to massage some cuticle oil into you nails daily. And the beauty of a mani and pedi you can do this yourself at home. Self care doesn’t have to be expensive.

Body type

Size and shape are not important. Just make sure when you pick an ensemble you consider your body type. Knowing what looks best on your build will also result in you looking more put together. Tailoring clothes to fit is very underrated. Love your body and drape it properly. That doesn’t mean if you’re larger shy away from showing skin and wear baggy clothes to hide. Don’t ever hide. Also make sure you’re picking outfits you are comfortable wearing because wearing something that you don’t enjoy rocking will affect your vibe and confidence. Resulting in you not make the best impression.

RIP Pops


Smell good. No matter if you enjoy green, floral, spicy, or masculine scents just make sure you layer for the best scent payoff. However don’t bathe in it. Leaving people with a migraine because if your perfume is overwhelming its gonna be unpleasant for everyone you encounter. I always like to pick a fragrance that isn’t popular because cent is directly connected to memory and nothing leaves a lasting impression like a scent that is unique.

These are a few areas that you should be attentive to but your style options are limitless.

The most feminine thing a woman can do is take care of herself. When people see how you care for yourself they understand you have a standard. If you don’t care how you look it communicates lack of self love and in many cases you appear to be unhappy and unrefined these things are unattractive to most people not just potential romantic interest, but potential friends and business associates. Put more effort into you and watch how people start gravitating to you and also note how they approach you. People form an opinion of you at first glance and as shallow as it can be its just natural.

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The Mirroring of Masculinity

November 22, 2020

Why is it that women today lack the natural ability to be feminine? Simple answer you were taught to be men. Everything beneficial to women was given negative connotations because duh why would a patriarchy want to benefit anyone but men?  Hypergamy was labeled gold digging. Being kept was labeled lazy. Working became something to brag about and to make matters worse women started competing with men. Men! You don’t even do this in the fucking Olympics.

The things feminine energy contributed to in general life was reduced to servitude and whoredom. Basically quite literally a fucking maid. Fucking in the absolute sexual sense. When feminine emotion and natural ability to be empathetic and nurturing was labeled weak and preyed upon women tucked it away. Understand this sadly was a protective measure gone awry. You didn’t know how to use it properly without being taken advantage of. Now culturally black women have been more masculine since bondage. Our appeal in society was reduce to sex and servitude more than our nonblack peers and this is something that has never went away. So for black women we have to work harder to be feminine. Doesn’t mean we have to hide our sexuality we just need to harness it. Refine it. Implement it properly.

Foolishly you were raised to believe that you had to mirror men to have some sense of worth. However still in the present you did not come to the realization that in order to mirror a man….masculine energy… you had to be masculine.

It’s has always been interesting to see women be expected to be feminine while simultaneously expected to mirror our male counterparts in relationships. How do you remain feminine while mirroring masculine energy? You don’t. It’s impossible. Every time you think you have to match your masculine spouse in a relationship you are being masculine. You don’t even realize it. Men never mirror us in relationships. They don’t desire to because they understand that to do so would make them feminine because we are feminine energy. Wake up you mannish bitches! It’s all a scam to make you lighten their load.

You really think bringing the same things to the table as a man benefits you. How? Honey a benefit is receiving something you don’t encompass. Why match him? You should be looking for him to supplement what you don’t have. And “have” isn’t necessarily monetary although in my opinion it should always be included. This could be intelligence on certain topics and even connections to certain social circles. If he has what you have  its no benefit it’s just not a burden. 

Women foolishly try to appeal to men who aren’t even their romantic targets and this is undoubtably your downfall. When you are specific in you desires you tend to be shamed into settling. Who does settling benefit? Not you silly if it did it wouldn’t be settling. So fucking stop doing it! It’s counterproductive to your happiness and success.

This new thing where women are encourage to be aggressive romantically is the perfect example. Your aggressiveness removes the man duty to be the pursuant. It plays to the beta in him. He wants you to do this so he doesn’t have to be faced with possible rejection. It’s his fear encouraging this. And fear is weakness. So he’s weak. You’re fearless for doing this but its also cringeworthy and masculine and only attractive to a beta men. In the wild his lineage would die cause he wouldn’t mate. He’d spectate and sulk. You being the aggressor also means another thing…..he doesn’t really desire you. If he did he’d make the necessary steps to show this. He’s basically settling. Which is insulting for a women to be a man’s idea of settling. Why the fuck would you volunteer for that. In no other arena is this commendable. He wouldn’t do this at a job. If he did he’d never move up the ladder because its not an escalator it doesn’t move for you.

I say all this to say in order to get back to your natural femininity you have to realize the things that are feminine aren’t negative. Reprogram yourself. Remember that when asked what do you bring to the table you aren’t a a fucking waiter. Understand that the feminine things you naturally have within are attributes and treat them as such. 

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Moon Milk

June 14, 2020

Moon milk is a delicious and soothing beverage that has its roots in Ayurvedic traditions. In Ayurveda, warm milk consumed before bed is a common remedy for sleeplessness, anxiety and insomnia. Moon milk can be the simplest concoction of milk and honey or more complex such as those with a variety of spices, fruit or even adaptogens and herbs. Moon milk might be a great addition to your nightly routine if you tend to have trouble falling asleep. The adaptogens within the milk help your body de-stress and relax, plus the milk itself contains melatonin and tryptophan, two natural substances that help you fall asleep.

Here are a few moon milk combos that you cant mix and remix to see what works for you!

Now a few months back I purchased the Moon Juice combo pack and like most of my buys i tend to get distracted and never finish them up but this actually worked out well for me because Moon Juice already contain adaptogens so no need to buy any for this. Some other additive you can use in your moon milk would be CBD oil, canna butter (healthy fat), or vitamin d drop supplements.

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The Juice-A-Thon Continues

June 11, 2020

Okay so still on my juicing journey here is an update on my experience and some recipes.

Now although I love my juicer I will say I have to manual clean this machine 2-3 times during one batch of juicing depending on the density of the pulp. Mushy fruits like banana and mangos or berries do not eject easily but the more fibrous the faster the pulp ejects into the discard bin. The assembling and cleaning process is super simple takes 2 minutes tops so this is a huge plus for me.

My favorite juices to make are my green juice and my watermelon cucumber punch. Below are the ingredients and amounts used!

Green Juice ingredients.. spinach not shown
Watermelon Cucumber Punch

I also added pure celery juice to drink in the mornings. I had a few extra pieces so I figure what the hell. The benefits of a few ounces of celery juice are : helps digestion, curbs cravings, increased mental clarity, energy, and helps weight loss! How could I pass it up.

Oh and incase you were gonna ask….you can toss the pulp and discard in a compost bin!

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Ayurveda 101

June 10, 2020

What is Ayurveda?

The word Ayurveda is Sanskrit for science of life and this is legit the best way to describe it. Its a 5,000 year old practice that focuses on bringing the body into full alignment to promote self-healing. So the focus is looking at the entire person not just the ailments or symptoms, but the root as well. The belief is that everything in the universe is composed of 5 elements : Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Space. These 5 elements combine to create 3 bio-physical forces called Doshas.

The Doshas are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata =Air+Space


Kapha=Water +Earth

When the Doshas are in complete balance the person is in great health mental, emotional and physical.

Doshas Body Types

Imbalanced Doshas

If Vata becomes imbalanced in your mind-body system, your activity will start to feel out of control. Your mind may race, contributing to anxiety and insomnia. You may start skipping meals, resulting in unintended weight loss, and your digestion may become irregular. If you notice these early symptoms of a Vata imbalance, slow down, take time to meditate, don’t skip meals, and get to bed earlier. A regular lifestyle routine helps ground Vata so you are not carried away into the ethers.

When Pitta becomes imbalanced, heat begins to rise in the body and mind. Heartburn, ulcers, hypertension, and inflammatory conditions reflect excessive accumulation of the fire element. On the level of emotions, too much Pitta manifests as irritability and anger. These symptoms are signals to “chill.” Stop packing in too many things to do in too little time. Reduce your competitive activities, spend time in the inner quiet of meditation,and go for a walk in a natural setting that is soothing and cooling.

When Kapha becomes imbalanced, however, it can manifest in your body as excess weight gain, fluid retention, and allergies. On the level of the mind, excess Kapha can lead to resistance to change and stubbornness. If you have a Kapha imbalance, you will tend to hold on to things, jobs, habits, and relationships long after they are no longer nourishing or necessary. To lighten the heaviness of Kapha, be sure to get regular physical exercise. Eat light, spicy foods, and give away things you have been accumulating that you know you’ll never use.

Here is list of morning ritual that would be a great start to get your body into alignment and balance.

See if you can follow this for 7 days consecutively and report back on how you feel.

Here is some simple Ayurvedic breakfast ideas https://blog.apothecary7.com/ayurvedic-breakfast-recipes/

Now because this is a topic that has way too much information for 1 post I’ll make posts on Ayurvedic lifestyle at least once a week

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Skin is always in….

May 27, 2020

Okay so todays skin talk topic is cleansing brushes! Now I can recall a time when the spin brushes were all the rage and people were so excited that they were spinning their precious faces into acne and abrasions. Daily exfoliation is a big no no the skin needs time to rejuvenate itself after and by doing it daily that rejuvenation never happens so skin just keeps getting scrubbed raw relentlessly. I dont hate spin brushes when used properly they are perfectly fine but they can be germy as hell. You wanna make sure youre changing or at the very least soaking the brush head in peroxide solution after each use. You should only be using this 2-3 times a week but the bsilicone brush can be used more due to its gentle nature. As an esthetician we use a type of spin brush in our facial protocals all the time…we make sure brush speed and pressure are closely monitored. You can purchase a 20$ spin brush no point in spending $100+ thats crazy although I do like the Mia Fit brushes they are smaller and dont spin they actually vibrate! But if i had to choose my go to….silicone facial cleansing brushes. They are super gentle and easy to sanitize. They can be as cheap as $5 and as expensive as $150. These work well with any cleanser the massaging and vibration encourage debris to gently leave pores without creating the tiny abrasions that the bristled spin brushes can cause.

If i had to choose one Id go for the silicone cleansing wand you can wet the pad without having to submerge it and Ive used every type of cleansing brush.

Below are a few options but the purple and mint green brushes are my top choices!

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Juice World.

May 13, 2020

Okay so juicing is super popular now because everyone is apparently on a health kick and considering the state of the world not a bad idea. So I typically stay away from juice unless it one of those vitamin packed juice shots that taste like hell. I don’t drink a ton of juice because although it natural and fruit is healthy its also packed with an overabundance of sugar. Sugar is evil. We consume way too much. Sugar intake is something most people don’t pay attention to and its literally killing us. Okay moving on!

So when I decided I wanted to make my own juice shots instead of dropping $2-$4 on them daily which adds up I began my research. Im the research queen….I like making purchases based on information and not emotional. I knew that the overly cheap juicers weren’t necessarily made well and I wasn’t prepared to drop $400 and the top of the line juicers. What i learned was that there are a two different types and to maximize the nutrient extraction you need to choose the right one. The two types are centrifugal and cold press. Centrifugal juicers have fast moving blades that press fruits and veggies against a strain. Cold press has slower moving blades that crush and press fruits and veggies.

So for me personally it was no brainer to choose the masticating aka cold press juicer. The pros far out weighed the cons. The mastication juicer is more expensive and moves slower buuuuuut the slower moving blades are a plus. Because the blade move slower they dont heat up. When juicer blades heat up its destroys the nutrient and enzymes in the juice. This also speeds up oxidation and reduces the shelf life of the juice. The masticating juicer also extracts more juice and the juice doesnt seperate as fast. So considering the purpose of juicing is to drink more nutrients buying a juicer that doesnt ensure the maximum nutrient intake would simply be a waste. The only real pros for the centrifugal juicer is its price and speed…..but that speed is really a con cause it does more harm than anything.

Now when buying a juicer you want to also consider construction quality, cleaning ease, and ability to replace parts without having to purchase a new juicer. You don’t want a juicer thats a bitch to clean you’ll never use it and you don’t want a shitty juicer that will break after a few uses. Read those reviews and canvas a few buyers guides. I post some links below.

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My Cup Runneth Ova….

May 12, 2020

Okay so every month during my cycle I always get the urge to lament about the wonders of mentrual cups. Now before you all act grossed out by something you’ve been experiencing since fucking puberty lets approach this like adults.

I made the switch to mentrual cups almost 3 years ago randomly while shopping in one of my favorite store…Mertz Apothecary! So I had been researching them for quite sometime and I was completely over tampons and diapers….I’m sorry pads. I wanted something that didnt involve me shoving bleached cotton, cardboard, and paper products up my hoo haa every month and I absolutely hated sitting on pads cause that just cant be sanitary and it def not comfortable. So i come across the very popular Diva Cup and its like $40 (eck) but I wouldn’t need to replace it for a year so Im like not bad im actually saving money in the long run.


Now the learning curve and honest truth. Insertion takes a few tries to learn what method works for you and what method has the lowest probability of failure. My first try I can say i did have about 3 accidents where the cup didnt expand and create a suction barrier properly. Once i was able to get it up far enough for it to be comfortable and get that very necessary suction pop I haven’t had an issue since. Pop is an exaggeration its not painful of that extreme you feel a slight suction when it expands and it will properly just make you say “Oh!” followed by a shocked giggle. My insertion method is simple I squat and fold the cup in half and push up. Its soft silicone so its not uncomfortable.

What I love about this baby is its medical grade silicone, reusable, easily sanitized (I use hibiclens its a soap you use on your body prior to surgery), and allows me the comfort to forgo hideous period underwear and still sleep au naturale. Now i first purchased the Diva Cup and after year i upgraded to the Dot cause it was all black and cute and i like cute shit. You can find tons of options and designs online. Prices vary as well. Some brands include carrying pouches and their own cleansers. Any antibaterial soap works tbh. I am against boiling them cause i think it increases to possibility of creating tiny cracks in the silicone and bacteria can hide there and cause issues for your lady parts. Follow the care instruction included is your best bet. Ill leave some links below of ones Ihear good things about!

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